Foodie, developed by AmeriWest Technologies LLC, is a food delivery service. We are a new and easy way to get the food you love or have always wanted to try delivered directly to your home. We are a fresh new face in the mobile food-ordering and delivery marketplace with a big heart and growth mindset. We are a family-run business who don’t compete by the numbers, but try to live up to the simple motto of being for locals, by locals.  

AmeriWest Technologies LLC, have a broad mind and have the mentality of growing together with customers and businesses. We are a development team made up of innovative young technical talents. Customers, merchants, and delivery venture capital funds are welcome to join our company.

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Our Story

Developed by young foodie lovers

Our team strives to provide the best platform for local restaurants, customers, and drivers. With the increasing amount of delicious restaurants, decadent pastry shops, and coffee & tea establishments, we want something that can offer our customers and restaurant partners the best of both worlds. Lower fees than competitors but with the same fast and reliable delivery.

Why defood?

We Care for Your Precious Time.

The Best Restaurants

We aim to provide a large variety of various cuisines on our platform

The Best Courier

Our future dream is to eventually grow into a delivery service for groceries and other necessities as well

24/7 Support

Our dedicated team aims to provide our customers, drivers, and restaurant affiliates with constant service and Q&A support

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