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Our company’s innovative operating model

Our company's innovative operating model

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Customer Incentives

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Customer check-in share dividend standardHow much money has been spent on the platform and the promotion link to download the App

Merchant Incentives

Grow Your Business With Us.

Merchant check-in standard for share dividend,sales reach a certain level, students order meals at a discount

Delivery Incentives

Earn Extra Money from Your Free Time.

Delivery check-in share dividend standard meet the delivery volume standard

Platform Operation Model

Long Term Partnership In Mind

Platform operation model The platform promises the lowest share of the business with the merchant. The promised customer is our consumer responsibility and our platform partner. Our company promises to take out part of the equity to give back to our customers, merchants, and delivery to us Co-operators of long-term platform cooperation


Frequently Ask Questions

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Delivery times vary depending on how busy the restaurant is and what the time of day it is as slow traffic can affect the delivery speed.

Order cancellations vary depending on the restaurant that you ordered from. Please contact the restaurant and inquire about the order to see if they have started. 

We accept all major credit/debit card companies 

You may order for someone else as long as you input their address for delivery and that there is a form of payment in your account

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